On Saturday, October 12th, mothers of school children in Evanston attended a discussion led by Sergio Hernandez, M.A. of PEER Services, on speaking to their children about grief and loss after a death.  Aside from coping skills, the parents also learned about general healthy communication with their children. The parents were quick to point out both the benefits and disadvantages in the use of modern technology in their children’s lives. Many felt that their children, given school and social pressures, were losing their sense of connection to family living. The parents were left with much needed information and resources. They were given tips which included the drafting of contracts that both, parents and children needed to abide by; scheduling family meetings in the form of outings, meals, and bonding experiences; letting children experience their own consequences, and learning from disappointments. Parents conjointly agreed that parenting as a single unit was difficult and wished their male counterparts collaborated in putting into action a more viable plan for raising their children.
Tomorrow (November 9): Hector Hernandez M.A. will lead a session on Bullying. The purpose of this presentation is to provide parents with information about bullying and what to do when children are bullied at school. Parent will learn strategies to help their children emotionally and give them resources to prevent and stop Bullying. The importance is to ensure that children and adolescents are feeling safe at school. Please note: all programs are in Spanish…please feel free to ask any questions. 312-467-2552.