“It’s Tough Enough”;
Adolescent Mental Health in Our Changing World

When did it happen?:

Sunday June 12, 2022, 9am-4pm

Where was it?:
Evanston Township High School
1600 Dodge Ave
Evanston, IL 60201
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Panel Presentation Info: One of the few things everyone can agree on is that kids aren’t supposed to die. And yet, one out of five high school students reports thoughts of suicide (Ivey-Stephenson et al., 2020). One out of 12,500 high school students dies by suicide (Ivey-Stephenson et al., 2020). If we want a world where youth feel like their lives are worth living, we can’t have a society that says that some lives are worth more than others. Join us for a better understanding of how we move from suicide prevention to building a world that all our youth want to live in.

This presentation also spoke about the procedures that schools have put in place to help students during the pandemic. However, the pandemic has not affected all students equally. This presentation discussed how structural racism intersects with the pandemic and what schools are able to do for students and staff during that time.

Through lived experience, this presentation also discussed intergenerational trauma in immigrant families between cultures, how it affects first-generation, and it carries on to later generations.