We have the utmost appreciation for our sponsors. Thanks to their generosity we can ensure that there are no barriers to attendance and participation by providing scholarships on an as needed basis.


Website: https://www.trilogyinc.org

Trilogy’s mission is to provide comprehensive integrated care that enables people in mental health recovery to build meaningful and independent lives. We envision a society where everyone impacted by mental illness is valued, embraced, and supported holistically, systematically, and culturally; where the stigma of mental illness is eliminated; and where quality of care is not determined by socioeconomic status. For 50 years, Trilogy has provided people across Chicago and beyond with support to recover from mental illness and move toward stability. We provide our clients with an array of essential services and ongoing support so that they can live independently and thrive in our community.


Website: https://yellowbrickprogram.com

Yellowbrick is a nationally recognized trauma and research-informed intensive treatment center for adolescents & emerging adults ages 16-30’s.

Yellowbrick: where being different makes a difference!

  • Specialized expertise in treatment of emerging adults
  • Brain & research-based model
  • Integrates neuroscience, in-depth psychotherapies and life skills
  • Senior, expert, full-time Professional Staff
  • Community integrated, natural real-time setting as a living laboratory
  • Demonstrated value & outcome based on changing brain functioning to transform lives
  • Welcoming, personal customer service

Yellowbrick works with adolescents & emerging adults who have become stalled in their development. We have worked effectively with a broad range of diagnosis given our developmental focus within the structure of the PHP and IOP services. For those emerging adults who can no longer safely or effectively live on a campus, at home with parents or in their own apartment, we provide a residential platform of apartments with skilled staff support.

Website: https://afsp.org/chapter/illinois

The Illinois Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide through education, research, outreach, and advocacy.

The grassroots work we do focuses on eliminating the loss of life from suicide by delivering innovative prevention programs, educating the public about risk factors and warning signs, raising funds for suicide research and programs, and reaching out to those individuals who have lost someone to suicide.

As a part of AFSP’s growing nationwide network of chapters, we bring together people from all backgrounds who want to prevent suicide in our communities. Families and friends who have lost someone to suicide, vulnerable individuals, mental health professionals, clergy, educators, students, community/business leaders, and many others energize our chapter.


Website: https://www.erikaslighthouse.org

Erika’s Lighthouse works with schools to deliver quality school mental health programming. The organization accomplishes this through its four pillars: Classroom Education, Teen Empowerment, Family Engagement, and School Policy & Staff Development. Our programs are designed to impact every child in the school and allow educators to empower students with an introduction to mental health, help-seeking, and good mental health. Our programs use diverse teen voices to spread awareness and reduce stigma. Through depression-literacy, stigma reduction, and promoting help-seeking behavior, our programs are designed to promote good mental health and the early identification and intervention of youth mental health issues. In the 2021-22 school year, we have reached over 300,000 students around the country.