The Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education’s overarching ambition is to reduce the stigma of mental illness, that has been a barrier for individuals, families, and communities receiving much-needed support. The institute aims to provide resources and hope to those that struggle with mental illness, and to those who support them. The institute strives to educate people on mental health issues through various outreach programs.



Earn Ethics and Cultural Competence Continuing Education

Addressing Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice: A Case Study Approach

There are several core values that serve as the underpinnings of ethical clinical practice, including service, social justice, the dignity of individuals, the importance of human relationships, integrity, and clinical competence.  Having a code of ethics helps to guide our work, to define our own limits and boundaries, and to protect the individuals we serve, the organizations where we work, and our own professional liability. Most seasoned clinicians can identify a number of different ethical dilemmas they have faced in their clinical practice.  This workshop will present a seven-step decision-making model for ethical dilemmas that emerge in clinical practice.  Participants will then practice applying the seven-step model to a number of different clinical case studies presented.

Building Cultural Competence to Enhance your Clinical Practice

This event aims to provide a forum for discussion and to increase the cultural competencies of mental health professionals. The event will provide definitions of terms such as master status, intersectionality, and race and ethnicity. Participants will be able to explore and share their own cultural identities that are prominent for them. The Multicultural Perspective (MCP) endeavors to promote understanding of “other,” but also understanding of “self” and, especially, “self in relation to other.” Participants will explore key clinical skills of the MCP, including self-awareness, capacity to tolerate intensity, and understanding of dynamics of power and oppression, among others. This event promotes an examination of the self as therapist – identifying and exploring dimensions of culture, reflecting and exploring values and beliefs, completing a cultural genogram, and promoting ongoing learning. Participants will engage in dialogue about the impact of social positions and privilege in their work. A Patient Cultural Identity Assessment handout will be shared so participants can easily integrate a new assessment in their clinical practice.  

Choose One or Both 3-Hour Workshops (3 APA CEs (for Psychologists)/CEUs for (Counselors and Social Workers) for each presentation. So a total of 6 APA CEs/CEUs available). The workshops will be offered on two different dates: Tuesday – October 29th and Friday – November 8th at our convenient River North location at the 325 N. Wells Street in Chicago. We are easily accessible via public transportation. There is a reduced-price parking available for $14 at 210 N. Wells Street. Simply bring your parking ticket with you to the training so we can provide a validation stamp so you will receive the reduced price.

To register for Tuesday, October 29th: www.ethicsandculturalcompetence.eventbrite.com

To register for Friday, November 8th: www.culturalcompetenceandethics.eventbrite.com