19th Annual Community Conference

COVID 19:  Grief and Stress During a Global Pandemic

Sunday, June 13th 2021


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Kate Mahoney, NRCI Executive Director (2017 - 2021)

In memoriam, our 2021 conference is dedicated to Kate for her compassion, tireless efforts, and unwavering commitment to our cause.

Kate Mahoney – A Legacy of Service

Kata Mahoney’s Obituary


What we do

The Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute for Mental Health Education’s overarching ambition is to reduce the stigma of mental illness, which has been a barrier for individuals, families, and communities receiving much-needed support.
The Institute aims to provide resources and hope to those that struggle with mental illness, and to those who support them. The Institute strives to educate people on mental health issues through various outreach programs.

New Challenges

The Covid-19 crisis has created many new challenges for daily living. These challenges are causing great stress and anxiety, which can significantly contribute to serious health problems. The United Nations has already highlighted a need for an increase in mental health support due to the epidemic (UN, 2020). Thus, the institute  has been delivering a workshop to the community; Cultivating Emotional Wellness Amidst Covid-19. This workshop explored some of the particular challenges related to Covid-19; including isolation and decreased support systems, a sense of powerlessness/loss of control/feelings of uncertainty, fear about our health/death, and grief. This workshop provides participants with specific interventions on how to cope with the overwhelming stress and unpredictably that this crisis has created. Additionally, ways in which participants can better manage their daily lives are also explored. Participants also have the opportunity to create a personalized 3-step wellness plan to assist in cultivating emotional wellness.