The Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute

for Mental Health Education

A mental health awareness institute focused on reducing the stigma often associated with mental health challenges and suicide, providing education, resources, and support to those in need.

Save the Date:

Saturday, June 8, 2024

22nd Annual

Community Mental Health Conference

Mental Health in the Workplace


Whether someone has recently been diagnosed or has been living with a mental health challenge for most of their life, the experience can be very isolating. No one should suffer in silence. No one ought to feel alone.

Education & Training

We offer mental health education, training, and presentations to the greater Chicagoland community to increase understanding and decrease stigma connected to mental health and suicide. Many programs offer professional CEUs.

2023 Annual Conference

“Untying the Human Knot: Managing Stress and Anxiety in Today’s World”.

This year’s annual conference focused on understanding anxiety and stress management, featuring a distinguished group of panelists.

Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute and
The Chicago School

NRCI, a non-profit organization, is supported by its Founders, an Executive Director, many committed students and volunteers as well as The Chicago School and The Community Solution Education System. The Chicago School maintains an efficient and mindful balance of including NRCI in the college community’s collective goals and in supporting our independent voice and unique community impact.