Bulldog SolutionInc. visited St. Nick’s Pope John Paul XXIII School on Saturday November 17th 2012, to present in the second installment of the Mental Health Series for parents of Latino children. Luissa Ziccarelli of Bulldog Solution, Inc. presented to an intimate audience of parents that allowed for a safe open discussion about bullying.  She educated parents in how to identify, prevent, and stop bullying while encouraging open dialogue and peer support. Bulldog Solution, Inc. typically uses real stories, social media, and role-plays to work on understanding the different types of bullying that may otherwise go unnoticed. Parents learned the definitions of bullying, relational aggression, and cyberbullying and were provided strategies, tools, and resources to assess and resolve the conflict. Interested in learning more or hosting Bulldog at your organization?  Please visit http://www.bulldogsolution.com/.