When it was time for 12 year old Chasya Cohen, daughter of Eli and Rachel Cohen, granddaughter to NRCI founders Larry and Marilyn to present as her Tzedukah Project, (the obligation to do what is right and just in Judaism) her goal was to raise money for this organization. “I chose the Naomi Ruth Cohen Institute because it is really important to me and it was started about my grandparents,” Chasya explained.
The Family lives in Hong Kong and when Chasya presented her project in front of her Bat Mitzvah Class, she introduced NRCI to an entirely new and international audience.
Chaysa’s mom Rachel, wrote, “When the tragedy of Naomi’s death hit the family, Marilyn and Larry reacted in the best way possible: they chose to invest their talents and support mental health sufferers and those who love them.”
She continued, “Although the two never knew each other, I am certain they would have had a special connection. And the fact that Chasya is already seeking out that connection now, shows a lineage the two have in common: an uncommon empathy for other human beings.”
Well done, Chasya!!
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