About Us

In Naomi’s memory, the Institute was established. With the proceeds of Naomi’s estate and contributions from family and friends, we work to prevent others from suffering as she did. Our goal is to overcome the stigma of mental illness. Institute income is used to promote educational programs and to support organizations engaged in mental illness research, education, self-help, anti-discrimination and advocacy.

The institute annually plans, promotes and underwrites a Community Mental Health Conference. The Conference — attended by more than 300 professionals, consumers, family members and concerned public — addresses critical mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and depression.

NRCI partnered with Mayor Tisdahl ’s Summer Youth Employment Program to conduct a pilot study with 47 African American high school students participating in mental health education programming during July 2015. The program objectives included increasing youth’s awareness of issues and topics that are relevant to their mental health, such as healthy peer relationships, conflict resolution, and managing stress.  NRCI trained identified leaders within the youth group to facilitate the workshop series among their peers and to ensure sustainability of the program long-term.

The program evaluation revealed 95% of total participants were overall satisfied with the workshop series, and they planned to use the information and ideas they learned from the program in their communities.  As a result of NRCI’s positive outcomes, we continued partnership with Mayor Tisdahl in funding the workshop series to African American youth in the Evanston area, expanding the program to include a workshop series for the parents of these youth, and created a survey to identify mental health resources available to the youth at their local high schools.

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