June 1st Conference – SUICIDE: Responding and Creating Hope a Huge Success
Struggle against suicide hard but progress seen with candor, less stigma.

Suicide is a stubborn illness. But a growing willingness to talk about it, seeking help without shame, and more programs to help suicide victims and their families is expected one day to drive down the number who take their own lives, said keynote speakers at the 13th annual Naomi Ruth Cohen community conference aimed at reducing the stigma of mental health problems.

For every 100,000 U.S. citizens, 12.4 committed suicide in 2010, down just slightly from the 12.5 who did in 1990, noted David Clark, Ph.D., a member of the International Academy for Suicide Research. “With so much stigma around suicide, it’s important to get solid information out and have people talk about it. Our grandparents never talked about suicide, but signs of more public discussion like this conference subtracts a little bit of stigma.”

Heidi Bryan is a suicide attempt survivor doing more than her share to keep the issue, however uncomfortable, in the public eye. She travels the country with a message for everyone enduring suicidal thoughts. “There is help. There is hope.” For her, the realization she wouldn’t kill herself finally came in 1995 when her brother committed suicide.

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