NRCI hosted its 12th Annual Mental Health Conference at the Beth Emet Synagogue in Evanston.  This year’s Conference, focused on trauma, drew in about 300 professionals and consumers to discuss the variety of issues related to this incredibly important topic.  Tonier Cain, Dr. Cassandra Kisiel, and Dr. Bradley Stolbach served as this year’s panel, with Dr. Michael Horowitz as their moderator.  Mr. Larry Cohen gave the opening remarks, graciously thanking everyone for taking the time to attend an event close to his and his wife Marilyn’s hearts.  In addition, Rabbi Eleanor Smith gave a moving spiritual message that resonated with consumers and professionals alike.
This great event included informative and engaging discussion groups, as well as brought together a host of organizations in the exhibit hall to share information about their services with those in attendance.
This year’s Conference seems to have outdone itself, as glowing reviews have poured in from attendees:
“Tonier’s presentation was the most powerful one I’ve ever experienced.”
“Best ever… everything was perfect!”
“Thank you Cohens for this wonderful conference honoring their daughter Naomi. They are an inspiration to me as a mother of someone who suffers from mental illness, as well as to me as a professional. Thank you for your work to combat stigma for all our daughters and sons futures.”
Media coverage of the event has also provided positive feedback on this year’s Conference.  Click here for the Medill Chicago Reports’ write-up on this year’s NRCI Conference.