Education and Outreach

The Institute offers mental health education, trainings, and presentations to the greater Chicagoland community in an effort to decrease stigmatized and marginalized populations.  Through partnerships with schools, community-based organizations, associations, and religious congregations, NRCI is able to raise awareness of the impact and consequences mental health diagnoses on an individual and community scale.

Veterans and Military
NRCI provides support and resources for veterans and active duty members in the military.  Whether you are looking for a presentation on combat stress, PTSD, or family re-integration or seeking educational resources for your loved ones, NRCI can help.

Religious and Community Centers
We collaborate with synagogues, temples, churches, mosques, and other places of worship to provide educational resources for communities.  If you are looking for mental health expertise, we can provide you with presenters on topics such as depression, anxiety, LGBTQ issues, and family dynamics.

Mental Health Centers
NRCI is proud to be another resource for mental health centers that may need specialized training, CEUs for clinicians, or educational resources for clients.

Educational Institutions
We offer a professional development speaker series at the Chicago School and can do the same for your educational institution.  By educating students often and early, we promote mental health, acceptance, and the acquisition of knowledge as power.