Comments about the 2007 Conference

The Sixth Annual Community Mental Health Conference on June 3, 2007 was another highly successful event. The vast majority of the evaluations from the more than 250 participants rated the Conference as “excellent” or “very good.” Here are some of the participants’ comments:

  • The panelists were “excellent and provided helpful information.” They “complimented each other beautifully” and “were knowledgeable . . . provided very good recommendations for family members.”
  • “I now have a framework for how mental illness affects the family and what options and resources are available.”
  • “Professionally and personally enriching. Very in-depth look at the big picture of families and mental health/illness.”
  • “I felt appreciative of the various insights presented which I intend to incorporate into my clinical work as a psychotherapist.”
  • “I found this to be an excellent conference, both the panel and the small group. Great break-outs and resources.”
  • “CEU’s and Sunday date were very helpful. I like the mix of professionals, families and community.”
  • My break out session was “fantastic . . . a wonderful, insightful, discussion.” The discussion “made me feel part of an extended family. It reduced the isolation and was very educational.”
  • “Just entering the field, I have added more information to my knowledge base. I get more perspective on mental health care delivery in my area. I met colleagues with whom to share information. It was a very well-rounded and packed afternoon. EXCELLENT.”
  • “Our son was recently diagnosed with bipolar. The conference educated us and we learned about resources we can use and, most importantly, we felt support and hope from other families.”
  • The Institute thanks all the participants and those who shared with us their insights, suggestions, and words of encouragement. The 2008 Conference will be on June 1. It will address Women and Mental Health. Watch the website for more information.