The Fifth Annual Community Mental Health Conference on June 4, 2006 was another tremendous success. There were more than 280 participants, most of whom gave us an evaluation. Over 95% of those evaluations rated the conference as “excellent” or “very good.”

The conference was described as “a good down-to-earth feel, informative”; “terrific speakers… well-organized and knowledgeable”; “nice, friendly people in helpful roles made us all feel welcome and unashamed”; “fantastic experience.”

The keynote speaker, Dr. Peter Kramer, was “very good and knowledgeable… he helped us understand what he was talking about”; “excellent”; considerable relevant information… impressive as expert on depression”; “great remarks.”

The featured speaker, Terry Wise, “gave the pointedly and poignant human aspect of depression from her own personal experience”; fabulous… could have listened for hours”; “tremendous—the right mix of her own history and what needed to be said”; great… having a first person account was incredibly powerful.”

Discussion breakout sessions were “very organized and very informative”; “very real”; “very knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs expressed by attendees”; “great group—great presenters”; “highly skilled and qualified.”

One participant summed up his experience at the conference as follows: “A truly helpful, positive learning and interactive experience. The presenters really did a wonderful job. The temple did a very nice job accommodating everyone and being so hospitable. Thank you very much.”

The Institute thanks all the participants and especially those who shared with us their thoughts, suggestions and much appreciated words of encouragement.